Colourful painting, Colourless photography

Lisa Lesunja is a contemporary artist and producer from Switzerland. As a jewellery maker she has achieved great success and created breathtaking pieces that embody love, diversity and the unique qualities of human beings. Since Lesunja has always considered these pieces as „wearable art“, it is anatural development that Lesunja has always worked with other media, namely color and photography.

Inspired by a multitude of heavy historical artists, from Picasso to Klimt, Matisse to Newton, Lisa Lesunja also lets herself be influenced by a multitude of contemporary artists. Her father, a gallerist, introduced her to all these seeds are evident in Lesunja’s broad oevre. The paintings have abstraction as their starting point; broad brushstrokes, texture and colour are allowed to merge into each other. However, there are often key symbols that connect our work with very human beginnings: Shoes in the middle of a sea of colors, sculptural forms between the colour fields. The images are beautiful and fascinating.

Lesunja captures another side of beauty, an alternative life. Her ambitions are serious and hopeful; she wants to fill the gaps in people’s hearts where they might find emptiness. The pictures reach their audience.

This philosophy also finds its way into Lesunja’s photographic work at Love Photograph. Here her pictures give beauty and life a different side; different people, different characters are captured for their unique beauty. The pictures are about love and connection. They speak of diversity, acceptance and humanity.

All in all Lisa Lesunja’s work carries a message of unity; it is here to heal, to achieve, to express something very human. We are all beautful, we all need love.